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December 2019

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Ecstatic Dance and Cacao with Mat Chandler

Wed 12/11, 7:30-10 pm. Join us for a 5 Rhythms style ecstatic dance and open it with us in a cacao ceremony. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine, and also the tasty bean that makes chocolate. Known for opening the heart, it will surely help you help the energy flow in this ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance is a free-flow movement practice that incorporates music from all around the world into a wave of energy the rises and falls. Here we will open ourselves to feel what is real for us and express it without judgement. Come co-create as we combine the dance of life with this fresh Mayan cacao just brought back from Guatemala. The ceremony will be lead, and the music-mix orchestrated, by Mat Chandler; who has been living in this ancient Central American heartland of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Energy exchange for this first of Wednesday night dances is FREE! (Though if you feel like donating to the DJ Mat Chandler for his work for the evening and for the ... Flow Space, 117 NW 16 Avenue, Gainesville, 32601. 352-562-9919. Aurora Healing Arts - [more][website][email][events]

Saturday 14 December 2019

Splendid Sun Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing with Mat Chandler

Sat 12/14, 2-7 pm. “Arte de Amarte” is Spanish for, “The Art of Loving Yourself.” In essence, this is a cacao ceremony. Balance your heart and mind to find overall harmony and to help you access your highest potential. In this heart-opening ceremony, participants often experience profound shifts of perspective, new insights, activations of dreams in the process of manifestation, and openings beyond all that was thought possible. Mat Chandler, the founder of Aurora Healing Arts, will be returning to Gainesville after many months of working with indigenous peoples, women’s collectives, and community building in Guatemala for this special offering of Sacred Cacao at Flow Space. He is so happy to be with you on this journey into the heart. Look forward to a five-hour retreat inspired workshop. In this experience you will explore: · Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama Breathwork · Dance and other Inspired Movement · Reflective Communication Exercis ... Flow Space, 117 NW 16 Avenue, Gainesville, 32601. 352-562-9919. Aurora Healing Arts - [more][website][email][events]

Sunday 22 December 2019

Winter Solstice Ecstatic Dance at House of Waking Life with Angela

Sun 12/22, 11 am-1 pm. Join us as we explore the 5 Rhythms of Ecstatic Dance. We'll let go of judgment of ourselves and others, embrace whatever emotions arise, and feel free to move, shake and groove however our bodies choose! For those of you who haven't been to an Ecstatic Dance, it's part free-form dance party, part moving meditation, and part community gathering. We let go of talking during the 90-minute playlist, which follows a "5 Rhythms" pattern (a concept created by Gabrielle Roth) that begins slowly, peaks with some hot beats, and gently brings us back down to earth. These elements facilitate awareness and appreciation of our bodies, allowing us to explore our inner landscapes. It's also good ol' fashioned FUN. We will begin with an opening circle at 7 pm sharp, so be sure to arrive on time if possible. Please reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there! Registration is available online through intotheHOWL.c ... House Of Waking Life, 109 SE 4th Avenue, Gainesville, 32601. 352-562-9919. Aurora Healing Arts - [more][website][email][events]

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