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July 2021

Friday 2 July 2021

Ecstatic Dance Outdoor with Cacao at Fortress of Light

Fri 2 Jul, 7-9:30 pm. The Crystal Canvas, 7131 NW 14th Ave, Gainesville, 32605-3121. Aurora Healing Arts - [website][events]

Come dance! Join us Outdoors at The Fortress of Light for an Outdoor Ecstatic Dance, fireside and with a warm cup of Holy Wow Cacao and music by DJ Tailypo, AKA ( Riley Leachman) ????????

In this 5-Rhythms based movement practice, co-create with others, in your own individual journey, a stronger connection of body, mind and spirit - return to your center - energize, relax and release - find flow and fun with friends - let loose and shake off the week and welcome the present - all in a peaceful environment of community dance!

Energy exchange
$15 to Dance
$20 with Cacao
**Tickets for sale at door only**

We are also are having a potluck! So if you would like to eat and share snacks after the dance, we hope you will participate!??

*please bring your own mug for Cacao and Water if possible!??

New to dance? Don’t know what your style is? Scared you might look silly? Have no fear - here in this space we create a safe container where any movement or sitting stillness is accepted and welcomed - we honor you and empower you to be who you are!

Parking will be out front beside the road on the left, in the grass. Park in the row beside the car that came before you. Look for the parking sign.
The front house is not The Fortress of Light...(BTW, don’t mind the neighbors StUfFF lol)

You will keep walking ALL THE WAY back, to the Back House. FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBITS!???? Sacred White Light guides the Way!!

So Grateful to have everyone come Play!!
We are the Love, we are the Light,
that’s all there really is to say!!
Also,Flow toys are welcome, YAY!! ????

The opening circle will begin at 7:15 so please plan to arrive a few minutes early.

*If you feel called to arrive early, please come no earlier than 6:30pm.

You can visit this page for more information about ecstatic dance.
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