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Online Camp Hollywood 2020 Swing and Balboa

UF Swing Dance Club

Florida North Central: Gainesville, Ocala - United States

Swing: Lindy, West Coast - Dance

Fri 4 Sep to Mon 7 Sep 2020


September 2020

Friday 4 September 2020

Online Camp Hollywood 2020 Swing and Balboa

Fri 4 Sep to Mon 7 Sep. Hollywood. UF Swing Dance Club - [website][events]

Camp Hollywood 2020 is canceled – boo
Virtual Camp Hollywood is on – yay
Registered for competitions? Believe it or not, we are going to try to run them online. See below.

Despite our hopes to the contrary, it has become clear that there is simply no way to safely run a high-contact large event any time in the near future, therefore we’ve made the painful decision to cancel Camp Hollywood 2020.

HOWEVER…we don’t intend to leave your Labor Day Weekend a gaping void in your life. We are currently in the process of formulating an ambitious virtual Camp Hollywood to be run more or less on our normal schedule. This event will include classes from your CH 2020 instructors, panels and talks, DJs from around the world, appearances from our scheduled bands, and contests. Yes, contests*.

While this event will be free for all, it also comes with a considerable cost to make sure our instructors and staff get paid, so we will be running it as a telethon with links for donations. If you’re planning on popping in, please consider donating, especially if you’ve already been issued a refund.

*Contests, you say? How-what-when? Here’s the deal. We believe with some modifications, most of our regularly scheduled contests can still happen – it all depends on you. Do you have a dance partner that you live with or can safely meet with this summer? Do you still want to be in your registered contests? Did you not get the chance to sign up for contests but you meet the criteria for our online contests and want to try it out?

We plan to run spotlight, finals-only versions of the following:
Amateur Lindy
Amateur Classic Lindy
Open Lindy
Open Classic Lindy
Amateur Balboa
Open Balboa
Amateur Showcase
Open Showcase
Student Team
Open Team
Solo Team
Switch Contest

If you are interested in participating in these contests and can do so safely, please contact us at info@camphollywood.net

We look forward to seeing you virtually Labor Day weekend, and seeing you live in 2021!
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