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August 2020

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Online Israeli Partner Dancing with Andy

Wed 12 Aug, 7-8 pm. Gainesville. Andrew Weitzen, 352-327-3672. $5.50 or $22 per month, discount if you do not use a credit card to $5 and $20. Israeli Dance with Andrew Weitzen - [website][email][events]

7:00 - 8:00 pm Israeli Partner Dancing

All the dances are choreographed. You can do your part of the choreography without a partner. Enjoy beautiful dances to beautiful music.

Dances this Session, or Others, More or Less as Time Allows
Ahava Asura
Besof Maagal - waltz
Dodi Li - folk
El Haderech - line
Elu Tzipporim - line
Eshkolit - Waltz
Hatishma Koli - waltz
Hatzrif Harauah
Kan Badarom
Laila Laila - waltz
Laner Velabesamin - folk
Leor Chiyuchecht - folk
Rachel - folk
Shecharchoret - Yeminite
Stav Lavan - waltz

Florida Time

Invite others.

This Week
Monday Evening West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango
Wednesday Evening Israeli Partner Dancing
Thursday Noon Line Dancing

Have fun sharing your time with other people, doing beautiful dances to great music, while learning how to dance. The best exercise for your mind, body and soul.

You do not need a real partner. Imaginary partners are fine, possibly better.

Let me know what you would like to do, such as other levels of instruction, other dances, other formats for the dance sessions or dancing on other days or times.

The session is aimed at Beginner Intermediate level dancers. You do not need to be experienced in these particular dances. You should have some dance experience.

If you are a Novice dancer, let me know so we can schedule sessions for you and other Novice dancers.

Share your feedback. We are learning as we are going on how to do online dance sessions.

You can join the online meeting 10 minutes early to chat with others. The dancing starts exactly on time. You can stay online after the meeting to chat with others until I get home and end the meeting.

Payment Options
As usual, if financial considerations are keeping you from dancing, if you just want to try out the session, if you just want to watch, pay whatever you want or participate as my guest, no charge.

If you want to pay, the Cost is:
$5.50 per session, or $22 per month, by credit card, or
$5 per session, or $20 per month by bank transfer, check or debit

When you pay for one session, you are invited to attend any other sessions on the same day as my guest, at no charge.

If you have two people sharing the same online session, only pay for one person.

Send payment to andrewweitzen@gmail.com via
or any other payment method that works

Or to pay by check, contact me for the mailing address.

To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 352 327 3672

If a password is requested, use: dance2020

Join by Skype for Business

Note: all the dance sessions should have the same ID, so a link to anyone of them should work for any other session.
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