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December 2019

Monday 16 December 2019

Multicultural Rhythm and Blues Social Dance Club with LaQianya 4 of 4

Mon 16 Dec, 2:30-4 pm. Rosa B Williams, Mural Room, 524 NW 1 Street, Gainesville, 32601. LaQianya Huynh, 352-284-0621. $6. Swing Dance Gainesville - [email][events]

Dance off Mondays.

Instructor: LaQianya Huynh

Minors must be with a parent or gaurdian, 18 and Up are welcomed!

Improve basic dance skills, learn social dancing etiquette, meet a diverse group of people, burn calories and have a wonderful time!

Course Requirements:
Enter this class with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and socialize with other dancers. If you do not have dance shoes, bring comfortable shoes. You can use any type of ballroom dance shoes; jazz, socks, leather sole or shoes with suede soles.

Dancing should be fun and carefree. I’m a passionate dancer, for me living doesn't exist without rhythm or moving one’s body. However, in terms of social dancing, often times new dancers get frustrated and stop dancing for various reasons. With that in mind, it's time to offer non dancers and the occasional dancer a welcoming, fun, and creative format to learning the basic steps, rhythm patterns and subtle non-verbal communication skills needed to dance confidently. Latin and swing dances be introduced each week. Occasionally, special guests will join the group.

Throughout this course students will learn basic open and closed hold, throw out, link open to close positions, left and right under arm turns. Also, leaders will learn to find rhythm and match the music on
a weekly basis. Most importantly, build on non-verbal connections through cues and transferring body weight. Students will learn to dance safely with their partners. If students have a disability or injury, they will learn techniques to dance safely with others.

Support provided by the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department – a CAPRA accredited agency.

Patrick Harrigan, Program Consultant, 904-403-9523
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