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Cross Step Waltz with Patrick Wed 12/18 Gainesville Waltz


December 2019

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Cross Step Waltz with Patrick

Wed 18 Dec, 5-6:30 pm. Rosa B Williams, 524 NW 1 Street, Gainesville, 32601. Patrick Harrigan. $5. Vintage Waltz - [email][events]

Waltz on Wednesdays is the Rosa B's regular weekly practice for anyone who wants to learn or improve their Cross-Step Waltz or other waltz steps taught by Richard Powers recently in Gainesville.

Waltz sessions are led by Patrick Harrigan, an adept in soft martial arts. Patrick has been doing cross-step waltz for the past six years and now also coaches individuals and couples, beginners and experienced waltzers alike, in the basics of cross-step waltz.

"Cross-Step Waltz is one of the newest social dance forms, spreading quickly because it is easy to learn yet endlessly innovative, satisfying for both beginners and the most experienced dancers. It travels and rotates like traditional waltz, but the addition of the cross-step opens up a wide range of playful yet gracefully flowing variations." ~ Richard Powers

The amazing part of all this is the price. For a limited time only, improve your cross-step waltz with Patrick and friends to help you for just five bucks. That is the cost we pay per individual to the Rosa B.
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